Friday, February 3, 2012

Super Bowl Week- Post 5 (Super Bowl Funnies!)

Today is my final Super Bowl Post!  We've talked FOOD, sewn a TOY FOOTBALL, figured out what to DRINK, and planned our OUTFITS
Today it is time to LAUGH!

This has been a lot of excitement for our Midwestern city.  Not that we never have ANY sports-related excitement (Hello Colts, Pacers, Butler Basketball, NFL combine, Indy 500....) but this is different.  There are celebrities everywhere- I mean, everywhere in Super Bowl Village that is.  Big celebrities too- here for The Today Show, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon- here to sing (Madonna, Kelly Clarkson, Adam Levine...and more!)
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So everyone has been a little excited.  My female friends and cousins (including myself) have all gotten a little ga-ga over Ryan Gosling being here...and we aren't the only ones!  Some clever person created this hilarious site with some "Hey Girl" sayings.  Have you seen the funny ones on Pinterest???  Well, these ones are Indy specific.  Hilarious, go HERE to check out all of them!

The hottest ticket in town besides the big game has been Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.  Sadly, my husband and I did not get tickets, but we tried!  I did have some cousins who got to go, so jealous!!!  Last night, they aired a "Real Housewives of Late Night" that included some Colts "wives".  I mean, to see these gigantic manly dudes dressed in drag is truly a spectacle.  If you need a laugh, watch this video on the Jimmy Fallon site!!!

Now, I am against releasing the ads before the game.  I mean, I am not really a sports person, so the anticipation of the commercials is about as exciting as it gets for me!  Now that they've been released, what do I have to look forward to?  Dessert.  Ah, yes.  Dessert.  Well, since its been released, HERE is a link to the "Ferris Beuler" Honda CR-V ad. 

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