Disclosure Policy

My disclosure policy? Honesty.  Transparency.  I don't appreciate being misled, so I would never do that to my readers.  Please know that any time I share an opinion on my blog, it is my own!  There are some times, however, that compensation of some form is involved.  I want you to always know this.  I will notify you any time I am receiving compensation or benefits of any kind.  The FTC likes this, I like this, you like this, so we are all happy, right?

-If I get something for free, and write a review about it, I will tell you!  I also will probably give it away on the blog!
-If I write about something that I am affiliated with (I don't plan on it but ya never know) such as a political party, non-profit, etc.- I will tell you!
-If I get paid to write a review of something, I will tell you! Also, whatever I write about the product will be my own opinion.  I have turned down opportunities if I didn't feel like it was something I should write a review about.
-If I have a sponsor, and I mention or recommend their product, I will tell you!

You got the point, right?  Thanks so much for coming by my blog, I really do appreciate ALL of my readers, whether you've been here once or 100 times :)