Monday, April 30, 2012

Embellished boy's tshirts

I am ready to put the first winner's prizes in the mail!  She didn't really need any of the "mommy" prizes, so I let her pick two kid prizes.  She ended up going with two boy's t-shirts.  Her son wears cloth diapers (check out my cloth diaper post here) so a t-shirt is perfect to show off his cute diaper covers!
The first one is a tie t-shirt.  I used some "manly" blue fabric and appliqued it on. 
Basic tie t-shirt!
For the other one, she said to get creative, and mentioned her hubby's love of baseball.  So I traced a circle on some off-white fabric (since a classic baseball is off-white) then used bright red thread to make the lines on the ball.  My sewing machine has a stitch that looks EXACTLY like a baseball stitch, yay!  I used a narrower version of that same stitch around the perimeter of the ball.  I definitely will use this technique again, it turned out so cute!
Baseball t-shirt
Close-up of baseball stitch
I am putting these in the mail today!  The other giveaway winner has been traveling so I am waiting on her to choose her prizes and will post them when they are complete!  (It actually has worked out well since I am so much busier with two kids now!)

Some projects I am working on and hope to post for you soon (and by soon, I mean whenever I get a chance to sew...since my daughters have not been synching up their nap times lately!)

-i-spy bag tutorial (as suggested by YOU!)
-Free People inspired "hippie" headband
-Yoga waistband knit skirt (turned out so cute, just need to put the tute together)
-Baby "lovie" mini blankie

There are so many more ideas floating around in my brain...the curse of the creative person, hahah!  I know that someday when my girls are both in school I will have more time to work on my projects, so I have to force myself to put the brakes on my brain and realize that this stage in my life is not the time to get a million sewing and craft projects done!  I wouldn't trade one minute of this time in our lives for a million dollars though! (Okay, sometimes during a toddler tantrum I would be tempted...)

Have a great week, and if you haven't gotten your mom a gift for Mother's Day yet jump over here to get some ideas!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

100 followers giveaway winners!

Congrats to Justice and Sandy for winning the giveaway!  They get two custom made prizes each! One from each list below!
Pillowcase top and pillowcase dress :)

-Custom embellished tank top
-Custom tote bag/purse
-Custom nursing cover

-Custom pajama pants or nightgown
-Custom Crochet beanie hat
-Custom pillowcase dress (or tunic for older girl)
-Custom Bow tie or regular tie onesie or tshirt (depending on age)

Some totes

When I have their choices and sizes I will make their items, then I will post a pic here so you can see all their loot :)

A big THANK YOU to everyone who entered, helped spread the word, and actually reads my blog!  And a big WELCOME to any new followers!
I am planning some fun tutes- a couple of people have requested an ispy bag tutorial so that is on my list, plus I am working on a cute jersey top for myself, and a yoga waistband skirt for kids. So stay tuned!
Also, there will be another giveaway at 200 followers, so keep spreading the word about ToBeContinued! Love you guys!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Crafty Mother's Day Ideas

Mother's Day is coming up soon!  Are you feeling like getting crafty for your mama?  Then look no further- here are some great ideas!  (No Mom,  your gift isn't below!  That would ruin the surprise!)

My mom holding Stella Mae right after her birth!
  • How about a tote bag?  I made my mom an Amy Butler "Birdie Sling" for Christmas, and she uses it to hold all of her crochet projects.  It's a nice gift, because it can be a purse, tote, etc!
  • A hand print gift- trace her kids (or grandkids) hand prints onto fabric and embroider on the line!  Then sew it into a pillow (or quilt if you have the time).  Bonus points if you have the kids write their own name and embroider that on too!
  • A surprise brunch!  Plan a menu of her favorite foods and drinks.  Use your china and pretty linens, buy some flowers for the table, and really make her feel special.
  • Handmade Spa gift- crochet or knit special washcloths, make a yummy smelling sugar scrub, grab some essential oil from the health food store, and sew a bathrobe if you have time.  Tie it all up with a luxurious ribbon.  And if you have the funds, then by all means take that woman to the real spa too!!! (Bonus- you get to go with her, haha!)  You can use my Kimono Robe tutorial, its easy!!!
  • Hand stamped washer jewelry- Have you seen this floating around on Pinterest?  Google it- there are several tutorials out there.  You start with metal washers from the hardware store and use special metal stamps to make the imprints.  This would be the start of a new hobby since you would have an upfront investment in the stamps.  I might ask for some as a birthday gift!
  • A special video- we all know moms love to see their kids do special things- sing, play sports, win the speech team why not make mom a video montage of the year?  Put some sappy music in the background and it will be a tearjerker she will love to show off!  (Bonus if the sappy song is sung by her kid/grandkid, haha!)
  • My final idea- if the mom you are shopping for has young children like mine, one of the best gifts you can give her is some alone time!  While I LOOOOOVE spending all my time with my kids every day, it would be so luxurious to shower, go to the bathroom, take forever getting ready etc. ALL BY MYSELF!  Ahhh, that would be true luxury for sure.  Then if I could go up to my sewing room and play, then go on a nice date with my hubby that would be a great gift!  Of course it wouldn't be mother's day without the kids, so maybe a breakfast in bed with some good snuggle time would start the day perfectly.
I hope this starts you off with some good ideas!  I would love to hear your great ideas in the comment section below!!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

100 followers giveaway!!!

I am feeling sheepish- I have been at 100 followers for a little while, but with the new baby I just knew I wouldn't have time to make something  for the giveaway!  I finally am ready!!!

To keep this simple, I am doing a rafflecopter giveaway. (Click "read more" at bottom of page to see it)
 It is so much easier that way!!!

What is the prize???  Well, I am actually having TWO prizes!!!  Each winner will receive their choice of something for Mommy and something for child.  Here are the items to choose from:

-Custom embellished tank top
-Custom tote bag/purse
-Custom nursing cover

-Custom pajama pants or nightgown
-Custom Crochet beanie hat
-Custom pillowcase dress (or tunic for older girl)
-Custom Bow tie or regular tie onesie or tshirt (depending on age)

Get out there and spread the word about how much fun we have at ToBeContinued so we can get to the next follower giveaway- and good luck!  I hope YOU are one of the winners!!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Curried Quinoa Salad

I have been on another quinoa kick lately.  It's so versatile!  You can use it in place of rice, pasta, even use it to thicken up a homemade veggie burger or meatball.  Since the weather has been nice, I've come up with this recipe.  I've made it with some variations but this is my favorite so far.

Curried Quinoa Salad from ToBeContinued

1 cup quinoa
1.5 cups water or veggie stock (I prefer the stock)
1/2 cup cashews, crushed
1/2 cup loosely packed chopped cilantro
1/2 cup shredded carrots
2-3 chopped green onions (bulb and greens)
1/2 cup dried cherries (or other dried fruit of your choice)
curry powder
1 T olive oil
juice of 1/2 lemon
zest of one lemon

  • Bring quinoa and stock to a boil, then turn down heat and simmer for 20 minutes.  Chop other ingredients while its cooking. 

  • Whisk together the zest of one lemon with 1 Tablespoon olive oil, the juice of 1/2 the lemon, s&p, and 1 teaspoon of curry powder.

(Use the other half to make yourself a lemonade- a bit of chopped cilantro adds a yummy flavor boost!) 

  • Toss all ingredients together while quinoa is still a bit warm (this bring out the flavor of the cilantro, lemon, onion, etc.)  then place in the fridge to chill.

  • Top with the crushed cashews (or stir them in).
You can do more curry if you'd like, I do more than the recipe calls for since I love it.  I made the recipe for the way the average person likes it!

Enjoy your salad- it would be great to bring to a pitch-in cookout!

If you're not a follower yet, please join in on the fun!  I need more Facebook followers too.  Buttons are to the right!  THANKS SO MUCH!  I love you guys!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Dresses and Bonnets

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter (or Passover!) this past weekend.
I worked hard and finally got my girls' dresses done at the last minute!  They got to wear them for the Easter Egg hunt in our neighborhood on Saturday, then again on Sunday for Easter.
Here are the photos! 
Ready to hunt for eggs!
My little ladies in their ruffles and bonnets! (LJ had the pattern on her bodice, Stella's is opposite!)
Tied up bodice (and guilty-of-eating-another-cookie face!)
...and sugar crash!
Bonnet tutorial coming soon!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

10 Things to do Outside with your Toddler

I'm back with another "10 things" post.  I love reading these kinds of posts, so I've been writing some!

10 Things to do Outside With Your Toddler
part of our back yard- its half forest!

These are some things to do outside that you might not have thought of!
LJ's nature picture

1.  Make some nature art
Gather up some leaves, flowers, weeds, seeds, etc.  Anything outside in the yard or park that your toddler wants to pick! (If at the park, they will probably frown upon you letting your toddler pick any of their landscaping though!)  Give your toddler a glue stick and some paper and let them create something pretty.  If they are older they might make an actual scene using the items, and if younger they will probably just be random.  Praise either!

2. Find a hill
Find a hill somewhere and roll things down it- including your bodies.  I really had fun demonstrating that one!!!  You can also have races with two types of ball (whose will go down faster?) Somersaults downhill are also a fun adventure! 

3.  Compost
Make a compost pile.  Your child will have fun taking the "trash" out to the pile.  This could attract unwanted animals so you may want to keep it to lawn clippings, coffee grounds, and non-coated paper unless you have a container made for composting.  Then you can toss in those banana peels, apple cores, and egg shells too!  Beware of composting potato peels- my aunt did this and when she used the results in her yard the next Spring she ended up with potato plants growing all over her yard, haha!

4. Old-Fashioned games
Remember Red Rover?  And Red Light Green Light?  What about Simon Says, Mother May I, Freeze Tag, TV Tag.....teach them your favorites.  Then if they ever play these in school someday they will have a head start!  It is also fun for them to hear about things you liked as a kid.

5.  Bug Hunting
Arm them with a butterfly net, a jar, and a magnifying glass and send them hunting.  Be sure to teach toddlers about bees and other insects that could hurt them.  It is best to hunt with them just in case!  I teach my daughter that bugs are cool, not yucky.  I want her to be fascinated by the world, not scared of it!  It is my opinion that you are doing your kids a disservice to deter them from worms, bugs, etc.  And don't teach them to kill them!  Teach them how insects spread pollen , worms loosen up soil for plants, ladybugs eat pests...look up some info about their favorite "catch" on their hunt!

6.  Rain and mud play
If there is no lightning, then why make your kids come inside?  Let them dance in the rain, splash in puddles, and make mud pies when its over.  Rain boots help so they don't ruin any shoes!

7.  Relaxation
Show your kids how to relax outdoors.  Climb in the hammock and nap together, put down a blanket and read books together, rock in rocking chairs while singing their favorite songs.  Who says "quiet time" has to be in the living room?

8.  Water fun
Get some cups, pitchers, watering cans, funnels, turkey basters...anything you can find that will hold water.  Take them outside and fill a baby pool with water and let them have at it!  Stay close to prevent drowning.

9.  Target practice
 Make a slingshot with a rubber band and a branch, get out a potato gun, or a water gun. Set up a target (you can draw one on a posterboard) and let them take aim! 
our local park has this balance beam!

10.  Obstacle course
Take your plastic slide, balls, cones, hula hoops, etc, make your own obstacle course!  Go through it in front of the kid(s) so they can see what action to take at each station.  Some ideas- hop on one leg through the hula hoops, jump over the "river" (a jump rope?) zig-zag through cones (use rocks or books if you don't have cones), ride the tricycle to the next station, slide into the baby pool.  Use your imagination to build a new one every time!

I hope this gives you some new ideas!  Its so nice to get out there and bond while having fun :)