Sunday, May 31, 2009

Golfing Hazards!!!!

I went to the driving range today with my husband for some practice. So far, so good on a Sunday afternoon, right? Anyways...he sliced a shot and it hit my in the shoulder/armpit area. At least it wasn't my face or collarbone or baby belly, right? But it HURTS!!!! I am going to have a prize-winning bruise in a day or two. Right now it looks like a red and while bullseye- I could totally do Target ads with this thing. Moral of the story: wear full padding at the driving range????

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I've missed you all!

Sorry I've been MIA! We STILL don't hve the internet hooked up at the house, and our wireless card gets horrible reception in Noblesville, so I have to travel to use the computer.
At any rate, I've been doing a lot of house shopping to fill up the new digs, so I thought I would share a list of some of the places I have found great bargains! Shop away!

For furniture, kitchen linens, and
*Go to their website and sign up- you will get a coupon in your email!

For kitchen stuff, candles, bed linens, and
*Bonus- you can find yourself a little present to reward your self for all that hard shopping!

For anything you want cheap that doesn't get used a lot (guest room furniture, etc.) or for organizational
*If you go to the store itself, try the Swedish Torte in the cafeteria. It is AWESOME!

For really great furniture deals on really nice stuff try the Godby Outlet in Carmel, IN...

For lightly used furniture and decor items, check out Consigning
*Keep in mind that there is a lot of turnover, and you should check often! Also, they will mark each item down for every week its there, so if you are a risk-taker you might get an even better deal if you wait.

Okay, that's the list for now! I'll be back shortly with more posts!