Monday, April 23, 2012

Crafty Mother's Day Ideas

Mother's Day is coming up soon!  Are you feeling like getting crafty for your mama?  Then look no further- here are some great ideas!  (No Mom,  your gift isn't below!  That would ruin the surprise!)

My mom holding Stella Mae right after her birth!
  • How about a tote bag?  I made my mom an Amy Butler "Birdie Sling" for Christmas, and she uses it to hold all of her crochet projects.  It's a nice gift, because it can be a purse, tote, etc!
  • A hand print gift- trace her kids (or grandkids) hand prints onto fabric and embroider on the line!  Then sew it into a pillow (or quilt if you have the time).  Bonus points if you have the kids write their own name and embroider that on too!
  • A surprise brunch!  Plan a menu of her favorite foods and drinks.  Use your china and pretty linens, buy some flowers for the table, and really make her feel special.
  • Handmade Spa gift- crochet or knit special washcloths, make a yummy smelling sugar scrub, grab some essential oil from the health food store, and sew a bathrobe if you have time.  Tie it all up with a luxurious ribbon.  And if you have the funds, then by all means take that woman to the real spa too!!! (Bonus- you get to go with her, haha!)  You can use my Kimono Robe tutorial, its easy!!!
  • Hand stamped washer jewelry- Have you seen this floating around on Pinterest?  Google it- there are several tutorials out there.  You start with metal washers from the hardware store and use special metal stamps to make the imprints.  This would be the start of a new hobby since you would have an upfront investment in the stamps.  I might ask for some as a birthday gift!
  • A special video- we all know moms love to see their kids do special things- sing, play sports, win the speech team why not make mom a video montage of the year?  Put some sappy music in the background and it will be a tearjerker she will love to show off!  (Bonus if the sappy song is sung by her kid/grandkid, haha!)
  • My final idea- if the mom you are shopping for has young children like mine, one of the best gifts you can give her is some alone time!  While I LOOOOOVE spending all my time with my kids every day, it would be so luxurious to shower, go to the bathroom, take forever getting ready etc. ALL BY MYSELF!  Ahhh, that would be true luxury for sure.  Then if I could go up to my sewing room and play, then go on a nice date with my hubby that would be a great gift!  Of course it wouldn't be mother's day without the kids, so maybe a breakfast in bed with some good snuggle time would start the day perfectly.
I hope this starts you off with some good ideas!  I would love to hear your great ideas in the comment section below!!!!


  1. Some great ideas here. Love the idea of hand prints on a cushion...

  2. Thanks Pam! I hope to do that one next year since my Sis in law is pregnant! Don't want to leave that baby out!

  3. Thanks for the ideas. I struggle every year to think of gifts for my mom. Thanks for doing the thinking for me! Great ideas!

    Betsy @ 2nd Story Sewing

  4. Great ideas. I've done a number of these things in the past for my own mom and mother-in-law. They love it.

    I'm visiting from 30 Handmade Days linky party. I would love it if you stopped by my blog.

    Thanks for sharing,


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