Thursday, February 2, 2012

Super Bowl Week- Post 4 (What do you wear?)

So, what does one wear to a Super Bowl Party???  I say anything goes, but for fun, here are some ideas for a few "types" of women :)

1. The Type "A" Hostess
Hosting at your house?  Are all of your appetizers made from scratch and perfectly football themed?  Did you build that crazy stadium made out of food that's been floating around on Pinterest?  Then this outfit might just be for you:

Super Bowl "Type A" Hostess


2. The Chick who is there to eat, see the commercials, see the halftime show, and otherwise avoid actually watching the game.
You really like the social aspect of Super Bowl Sunday, not necessarily the sports part.  Unless you get to see Tom Brady's handsome face, or Eli Manning's cute little son, you are not going to be looking at the screen :)  I threw in some stretchy pants, because eating is your sport of the day, right?  If this is you, then you might want to wear something like this:

3. The Sporty Girl
You are actually at the party to, SURPRISE! , watch the game!  You have a team you are cheering for and you actually know what a play is, how they score, etc.  Maybe you even won your Fantasy Football league this year.  You need an outfit that shows off your team spirit- how about something like this?

Sporty Girl

4.  The 9 Months Prego Girl
So, really I just made this outfit for wonder it includes some really cute diamond earrings and slippers :)  But seriously, playing around on Polyvore is fun!

prego at the super bowl party

Well I hope you enjoyed this post, I had fun making it!  If you haven't checked out my previous Super Bowl posts this week please do!

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  1. This is so cute! What a creative idea :) I haven't played on Polyvore before. I was wondering where all of those cute clothing ensembles on Pinterest were coming from!

    Thanks for linking up!

    ♥ Bethany

  2. Thanks for hosting the linky!!! What a great idea, I hope you do it again!

  3. I would rock all those looks!
    Well the prego one would have to wait until I'm prego again...but I'd still rock it!!!


  4. Thanks Biz! Those maternity shirts are great for heavy eating days, like Thanksgiving, haha! I always joke that I will forever save a pair of maternity pants to wear at least that one day every year!


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