Monday, January 30, 2012

Super Bowl Week- Post 1

I grew up and live in the Indy area, so I've got to show some love for the first ever time we are hosting the Super Bowl!  It really is an exciting time for our city.  So, this week I am going to post something Super Bowl related each day.  It could be a recipe, decoration, etc.

For today, I am going to do some work for you- if you are planning on hosting a party, that is!  I usually post original recipes only, but today I am going to give you a list of yummy, crowd pleasing appetizers that are some of my favorites.  Hopefully it will help you plan if you haven't already!!!

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1.  Marinated Cheese
This is a HIT every time I make it.  It's a little bit of work to layer the cheese in the pretty arrangement, but you can do it a couple days before if you need to!!!  Beware the garlic breath afterwards :)

2.  Raw Veggie Pizza
This is a family tradition around my house.  It is a standard rule that you bring an extra one that belongs only to my dad because he loves it so much!  It's a great alternative to a veggie tray if you find that too boring.  And it uses crescent rolls- what isn't good with crescent rolls???  *This one is easy to customize to your taste- change what veggies you use and how you season the cream cheese mixture!

3.  Easy Stuffed Mushrooms
No recipe needed here- just buy some baby portabellos, take out the stems, fill with your favorite flavor of soft cheese (like Alouette), top with bread crumbs, and broil until bubbly and browned on the top!  EASY!!!!  And everyone loves these so make a lot!

4.  Catherine's Guacamole
This is my easy recipe- everyone always loves how chunky it is.  I make a BIG batch!  You simply mix the following together in whatever quantities please you (but I've listed what I typically use)
-4-5 ripe avocados, cut into approx. 3/4" chunks
-2 large tomatoes, cut into 3/4" chunks
-1/4 of a large red onion, finely chopped
-a GENEROUS handfull of fresh cilantro, chopped or torn into smaller pieces
-juice of one lemon or lime
-salt to taste

5.  Buffalo Chicken Dip
This is your typical football fare in dippable form, yum!  But really fattening, be forewarned!  It might make you feel better to dip celery in it...

So there are a few recipes to get you started.  Feel free to link up your favorite football season appetizer below to share more ideas!  Don't forget to visit me all week long for my Super Bowl Week Posts!!!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by! Just became a follower, enjoy your journey to 100! Stop by our place again & follow along!

  2. That marinated cheese recipe looks SOO good. I may not make it for this Sunday, but I'm going to sometime soon.:)

  3. Shiloh- you definitely need to make it! Everyone who eats it wants the recipe!

  4. Well, if that post didn't make me starving, lol. Perfect fare for the Super Bowl crowd. Thanks so much for sharing at our Link It Up Thursday party.

  5. YUM YUM YUM!!! I love raw veggie pizza!!


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