Saturday, January 12, 2013


I think I have referenced that I've been SUPER busy lately.  We are actually moving from the Indianapolis, IN area to Louisville, KY!  This change is exciting, as my husband has a new job he is really excited about, and we will remain somewhat near my family. However- the excitement is hard for me to tap into since I have sooooooo much to do!

My moving checklist:
-find every kind of doctor imaginable
-find a preschool
-find out where the best shops are (VERY important to know, stat!)
-find a gym
-organize my junk so when the movers come to pack they don't see how messy I am and judge me even though I will never see them again...
-find a babysitter we trust
-sell/give away/donate the aforementioned junk
-sew Stella her 1st birthday dress before we move since her birthday is a couple weeks after!
-remember NOT to buy the Costco-sized pack of toilet paper, since we are about to move (ooops, forgot that one!)
-fix every single tiny little aesthetic issue in our house so we can sell it
-interview real estate agents. apologize when dog jumps and puts muddy paw prints on the winter white suit of one of the agents you end up rejecting...sorry :(
-attend moving away party (thanks Kristin!)
-stammer and turn red when 3 year old announces to mover dude "I pooped!" complete with two gigantic turds, and a naked bootie (TRUE story!  Good thing he said he has 4 kids!)
-get driven nuts by the kids who just don't understand why mommy is doing all of these projects

I'm sure I left about 100 things off the list!  At any rate, wish me luck with the transition.  I really hope to get the kids involved and help them (and myself) make some friends quickly.  I hope to make our rented house feel like "home" until we figure out where we want to buy.  I hope to not go crazy.

Do any of you live in or know a lot about Louisville?
Do any of you have relocation tips?

Please share!!!

ALSO- I am going to locate my studio somewhere closer to toys so I can hopefully get more sewing done, which means more tutorials for you!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Can fashion be affordable and convenient? YES!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of No nonsense for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

As a busy mom of two young girls, I am always looking for shortcuts that help me out.   When it comes to being stylish, its can be really challenging for a mom.  It's a nightmare to take my kids to the mall with me, shopping online doesn't allow you to try things on, and then its hard to justify spending a lot of money on an item if its just going to get barfed on, right?

I was really excited to get this opportunity to try leggings and tights from No nonsense.  I can buy them at the kinds of stores I find myself at often- drug stores, grocery stores, and bog box stores.  They are affordable, comfortable, and even stylish! You can find the store nearest you here.No nonsense tights and leggings

Even Access Hollywood correspondent Jill Martin has signed on as their spokesperson.  She knows style and now she is the face of No nonsense.  Check out this video!


I was so excited to get my No nonsense leggings and tights in the mail.  Here are the cute outfits I put together using them!

Look #1- Jeggings

These No nonsense leggings are super comfy, and super flattering.  They are thick enough to hold up and last too!  The color is a nice slimming deep indigo.  I wore them to church with a fun little chemise, wrap sweater, and riding boots.  I've worn them a bunch since getting them and I still love them!


christmas 2012 001 (599x800)


Look #2- Lacey tights

I was really excited to get these black lacey tights to try!  I wore them on Christmas Eve with a classic black wool skirt, red wrap top, and wedge boots.  They added a fun element to an otherwise simple outfit.  I got so many compliments!  For more ideas and to stay connected, follow No nonsense on Facebook and Twitter. No nonsense on Facebook


christmas 2012 044 (430x800)

I am definitely a fan of No nonsense now that I know how great these look and hold up, and you can't beat the price!  Let me know if you try them out!


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