Wednesday, February 22, 2012

FREE pattern- crochet baby turban

So, the idea for this pattern started with Pinterest.  I'll take a moment to vent here....don't you HATE it when you want to pin something, and it goes to flickr instead of the original page?  Or you click thinking its DIY and its a shop?  Or you click and its in another language?  Well, this one was in another language, so I attempted to have Google translate it.  I was so bummed to see that it was knitting, because I am not big on knitting, nor am I very good/fast at it.  So I decided to simply use it as inspiration to create my own crochet pattern.
(And PLEASE, if you pin something, check first to make sure its from the original source so us bloggers/creators get credit for our hard work!)
So here is the picture- can you blame me for wanting to pin this?  What a cutie!!!!  (The hat and the baby!)  It is from a blog called Pickles.
credit here
You can see that mine is not completely the same, and that's okay- I don't want to completely copy it, just recreate the "feel" of that adorable little turban!  I've had this done for a while but had to wait for my model to be born :)

Crocheted "Stella" Turban (NB-3 months)

Size H crochet hook
1 skein cotton yarn (I used Sugar N' Cream)
abbreviations: sc (single crochet), sl st (slip stitch), hdc (half double crochet)

Round 1: Make 6sc in a Magic Ring (click through to link to get the how-to), pull string to close hole.
Round 2: Make 2 sc in each stitch around and join with sl st. (12)
Round 3: (2sc, 1sc) all around and join with sl st. (20)
Round 4: (2sc, 1sc, 1sc) all around and join with sl st. (27)
Rounds 5-6: (2sc, 1sc, 1sc, 1sc) all around and join with sl st. (34, 43)
Rounds 7-11: sc all around , join with sl st. (43)
Round 12: hdc all around, join with sl st. (43)
Round 13: sc all around, join with sl st. (43)
Round 14: hdc all around, join with sl st. (43)
Round 15: sc all around, join with sl st. (43)
Round 16: hdc all around, join with sl st. (43)
Round 17: turn and sl st all around.  Weave in ends.
Finishing:  Count up 7 rows and insert a piece of yarn.  Tie up from last row to form front of turban.  Cinch tightly!  Wrap ends around tightly and tie again (tie knot on inside).  Weave in ends.  Cut 3 pieces of yarn about 7" long.  Insert through loop on front and tie a bow tightly.  Double knot and trim ends of bow.

She slept almost three hours wearing this...maybe it will keep your little one cozy and sleepy too?   5 days old today!

That's it!  If you make one please link to it below so I can see :)
Remember, this is for personal use only!

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  1. Darling turban. I'll pin it. I read you're trying to get more followers so I'll become one if you'll do the same. We have the exact same number. I'm trying too. It's hard! I suggest you take off this word identity thingy for getting comments. I have heard it is a deterent for getting comments. Just a suggestion.

  2. She is looking great! See you next week!

  3. Oh that is just clever you are!
    I know what you mean about the pinning issues....i hate finding out things are just advertising for a corporate shop!
    Already a follower!

  4. So cute! I've pinned that little turban too.

  5. Stella looks adorable! I wish I could crochet ;P

  6. Stella is too cute! I love the Turban. I would love for you to Link up at my Linky party via:

    Mrs. Delightful

  7. Sweet hat. Sweeter baby. Thanks for sharing your pattern.


  9. Kathy, that's wonderful! Glad you like the pattern!

  10. First off your baby is adorable! The turban is fantastic. I am pinning your pattern. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.

  11. Hi again. I absolutely LOVE your baby turban. I am featuring it tomorrow at our party. Thanks again for sharing with us.

  12. I love this, so cute! I would love for you to share with my readers on Blog Stalking Thursday!

  13. You have been featured on the The Crafty Blog Stalker! I would love for you to stop by and grab a Featured Button! Wear it proudly!

  14. oh my goodness! I just saw the Pickles version on Pinterest, and ran over to Ravelry because I have no knitting skill whatsoever, and wanted to see if something similar existed for us crochet fans. And lo and behold! :)
    Thanks so much for sharing this!
    The baby is absolutely precious!

  15. Nicole, so glad to be able to help! I love the turban look! :)

  16. Love the turban! And your baby girl is beautiful! We are adopting a baby girl from Congo. I would love to make this for her. I'm wondering if the turban would look good modified as a headband or headwrap. Anyway, thanks for sharing this pattern. I look forward to following your blog!


  17. Just so you know, Pickles has ALL of their patterns translated into English. It's on the right if you scroll down. Here is the link to the knit turban pattern if you ever want to take up knitting.

    Hope that helps. Pickles is one of my fave sites :)


  18. Aww, this is cute!
    And HELLO! from "MamaTwiggy: the Madhatter's Little Sister"!

  19. I just shared this on facebook. I think it is so cute and started making it tonight. I'm a begginer so I'm having to do a lot of double checking but so far so good. But I'm gonna have to wait for my little one to join us!

  20. So glad you are trying it! I love pics so "like" me on FB so you can share a pic of your little one wearing it! My little Stella is 4 months and has outgrown hers!

    1. I'm gonna sound stupid but I couldn't find you on Facebook I tried looking

    2. Never mind I found it

  21. does anyone have a pattern for a turbin for adults? these would make great hats to crochet and donate to a cancer unit for chemo patients.

    1. What a great idea! I am swamped with getting ready to move (eek!) but will work on a free pattern in an adult size when I get a chance. LOVE the suggestion :)

  22. Hello love the hat, I just made one tonight and I was wondering if you could tell me how long your hat turned out to be. I think I did everything correct, but mine seems really small. I used sugar and cream yarn and a size H hook, but my hat is only about 4 inches long. I'm making it as a gift so I have no baby to measure it on. Thanks for the pattern :)

  23. Hi Sydney! It is meant for a newborn so it is extremely tiny! Also, remember that it stretches. Hopefully it works well. There is a chance that you crochet tighter than I do which would make it a little smaller (mine is about 5" tall in the back part that isn't cinched up.) A good rule of thumb for the circumference for a newborn is 13"-14" so you might want to check that too. You can always add a row or two if when they try it on the baby its too short.
    Hope that helps!

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