Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Super Bowl Week- Post 3 (gameday drinks!)

It's Wednesday, and things are really ramping up in Indy!  I live in the suburbs, and the traffic was STILL crazy this morning!  Good thing once people are in Super Bowl Village they never have to drive anywhere.

Today I am sharing some inspiration for your drinks on game day.  Being pregnant, I won't get to enjoy anything with alcohol, but that doesn't mean I can't share!  Also, I know many of you choose to not drink at any time, so remember that many of these can be made virgin!

This will be in countdown style to my favorites!!!


Number 5- Jack and Coke
If you're going to drink booze on game day, a classic Jack and Coke will fit right in.  Make it a Diet Coke if you want to cut back a little on the calories.  The only thing about this choice is that if you're a lightweight like me you only can have, like, 2, before you're done.  So, that is why this is #5 in my Gameday Drink Countdown!

Number 4-  Margarita
NO mixes, please!  Margaritas are simple to make, and a fresh, made-from-scratch margarita is sooooo yummy!  Bonus- you can make this virgin and its basically a limeade :)
My recipe:
Juice from several limes (about 1 cup)
1 batch simple syrup (1 cup water, 1 cup sugar)
1.5 oz tequila
1 oz triple sec
4-5 cups of ice (more if you want to cut the tartness of the limes)
Rock salt for rimming glasses
Limes for garnish
Simply stir together (or blend if you like them icy) and pour into a salt-rimmed glass!  Stick a lime on the rim too for a garnish. (Adjust alcohol to your taste!)

Number 3- Bloody Mary
Ahh, a Bloody Mary.  Reminds me of living in Nashville, TN in my 20's and having brunch with friends after church, haha!  This is another drink that can be made virgin if you want!  These are the ingredients I use, feel free to mess with the ratio to get it to your taste preference!
Clammato juice (yes, this is clam juice mixed with tomato juice!)
Celery Salt
White pepper
Louisiana Hot Sauce
Garnish with celery stalk
Mix together to your preference- or do a Bloody Mary serve-yourself bar!  Include a variety of salts, seasonings, hot sauces, and garnishes (hot pickles, blue cheese stuffed olives, etc.)  The Clammato juice makes all the difference for me- I NEVER use regular tomato juice for mine!  Try it!

Number 2- High Quality Beer
Are you a grown-up?  C'mon, its not our goal to get "trashed" so go for quality, not quantity.  Provide a sampling of grown-up beers such as Guinness, Stella, Blue Moon, even Corona!  Your guests will be happy, and so will you :)

And my NUMBER ONE gameday drink choice is..................
Local Microbrewery Beer!!!!
Now, this is easy in Indiana- we have so many great choices right here in the Indy area!  In Noblesville there is Barley Island, downtown Indy my favorite is Sun King, from Bloomington (home of IU) is The Upland Brewing Company...and a million more it seems!
Why local beer?  This beer supports our local community so that's a bonus.  Plus is is FRESH!  And you can get great deals- Sun King, for example, has $5 growler fill Fridays.  So, you get 32oz of high quality, fresh, local beer CHEAP!  They often have seasonal offerings, free tastings, and many other perks.  If you don't know where your closest local brewery is, find it stat!  And if you want to try microbrews from other regions, nicer liquor stores and places like Whole Foods usually carry a decent selection of microbrews.  You might even find some from one of Indy's breweries which would be festive to serve since we're hosting the Super Bowl this year!
Super Bowl Week Festivities at Sun King Brewery!
Enjoy your Super Bowl party, and if you do have alcohol at your party remember to be safe and keep your guests safe! 

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