Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Outdoor Play Challenge, part 1

I have challenged myself to try at least one new fun thing outside with my kids every week this Spring and Summer.  I am getting a lot of great ideas from Pinterest, so if you want to follow me over there you can see things as I pin them!
This first week we tried out these "Bouncing Bubbles" since my girls are prime bubble age.  They love to chase them around the yard, so this pin sounded like fun.
Here is a direct link to the site with the recipe.

I had to triple the recipe to make enough to fill up the bottom of this roasting pan.  The directions say they work better if the solution sits overnight- I found they didn't work at all until the next day, since there was too much air in there from stirring it.
These bubbles did not work with a coathanger "wand".  Bummer.
BUT- we found some items around the house to experiment with, and this stencil worked great, as did a traditional bubble wand.
Overall, I would give this idea an 8 because it worked, but I was really hoping to make gigantic bubbles with a wire hanger and couldn't.  If you have a recipe that would work better for that, please share!!!
Thanks and stay tuned for my next outdoor play activity!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Nice-Weather Goal

Okay, I'm putting this goal out there publicly, so now I have to do it!
I want to do a special project with my kids outdoors at least once per week.  Pinterest will be so helpful for this!  I have so many fun ideas pinned, and I want to actually DO them, haha!
Up first?  A super bouncing bubble recipe.  Stay tuned- I will take photos and write a review of the pin. 
Make sure you follow me on Pinterest too so you can see some of the fun things I pin!
Enjoy this nice weather :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

My version of "Broccomole"

So, is it just me, or is Broccomole taking over Pinterest?  I thought I'd throw my own recipe into the mix, since I don't care for the others out there.  Its nutritious, delicious, and pretty!

What you'll need:
-Food processor or really good blender
-4 Cups of fresh chopped broccoli
-1 large onion, sliced
-2-4 cloves of garlic (what you prefer)
-1 block of neufchatel or lowfat cream cheese
- 1/2 cup of plain greek yogurt
-Salt and pepper to taste
-Olive oil to preferred texture

This will make a large portion (about 7 cups!)- I kept half in my fridge and froze the other half for another time!  Its so low fat that you can eat a bunch!

-Toss the onion, garlic cloves, and broccoli in some olive oil and roast in over at 400 degrees F for about 1/2 hour (until browned and soft)
-When you remove from oven, toss it all in the food processor and blend well.  Add some of the olive oil to help it process.
-Add in the block of cream cheese and yogurt and blend well.
-Blend in salt and pepper to taste.  Add more olive oil if you want it "looser".


I love this version I made, because it is a great dip, as well as a good pasta sauce too!  It is tasty warm, but you can scoop it cold out of the fridge too :)

I hope you enjoy my version of this tasty dip!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Basket stuffers round-up

It's almost Easter- a time for those of us who are Christian to remember Jesus rising from the grave after dying on the cross.  Of course, in our culture Easter has also become a time for bunnies and baskets, dresses and hats, candy and eggs...a hodge-podge of Springy goodness.  As kids, we always had a great time hunting down our baskets in the house, and seeing what kind of note the bunny left us.  We always had the Robin's Eggs candy, Jelly Beans, and a chocolate bunny along with some kinds of special gift. 
For my kids, I do the same!  Last year as a 2 year old, Lola Jane really got into it.  This year, I think both of my girls will have a blast.  (Although I had some explaining to do when LJ found the requested Care Bears in the back of my van the other day...I had to make up a story quick!)
I thought I would put together some fun and affordable basket stuffer ideas for those of you are wanting some inspiration or are not sure what to put in a basket for a very young child.  Here are 50 ideas!
1. A new little ball
2.  A book (Target has cute board books for $1, or hit the Christian bookstore for an Easter book!)
3.  A photo of the family pet wearing bunny ears
4.  "puff" snacks in plastic eggs
5.  New flip flops or special shoes to wear with their Easter outfit (depending on what you have to spend)
6.  Crayons
7.  Stickers
8.  Homemade toddler muffins
9.  Pureed fruit pouches
10.  New toddler flatwear
11.  New sippy cup
12.  cool panties or underwear with their favorite character
13.  Cute cloth diaper cover (We shop at Toasty Baby)
14.  A bible verse or a compliment written on a slip of paper inside an egg
15.  Silly Putty or play dough
16.  toddler-safe nail polish
17.  tiny figurines (dinosaurs, ponies, etc.)
18. a jump rope
19.  bubbles
20.  craft paint or finger paint
21. coloring book or plain notepad
22.  alphabet flash cards (the Dollar store always has these)
23. animal crackers
24.  maracas
25.  harmonica
26.  music CD
27.  glue sticks
28.  pipe cleaners, googly eyes, pom-poms
29.  hair things or a hat
30.  New socks
31.  A little purse or "treasure pouch" with something inside
32.  Lacing cards (or use a hole punch to make your own out of cardboard shapes)
33.  Dehydrated fruit in plastic eggs
34.  felt race track pieces (will stick to carpet- make them yourself by cutting curvy shapes from black felt)
35.  Wind-up toys
36.  Bean bag pouches (if you sew you can make them)
37. Stuffed animal (you can get Easter-y ones at the Dollar Store)
38.  mini oranges (like Cuties)
39.  alphabet magnets
40. teethers
41.  toothbrush
42.  toothpaste
43.  new shampoo or soap
44. bath toys
45. hot wheels
46.  sandbox toys
47. goldfish crackers in plastic eggs
48.  single serve nut butters (like nutella!)
49.  hair brush or comb
50.  Don't forget a note from the Easter Bunny!

I hope some of these ideas work for you if you get stuck in a rut!  Have a happy Easter!

Monday, March 25, 2013

I'm back...and some vintage finds!

Hello!  I'm finally back!  We have been super busy with our move to Louisville, KY.  Yes- we have moved back South!  My husband was raised in Tennessee and we met in Nashville.  He is ecstatic to be back in the South, I am a little wishy-washy.  I miss my friends and family back in Indy but at least we aren't too far away!
Needless to say, between the holidays, the move, Stella's first birthday, and having a house on the market...the blog has taken a major back seat.  I REALLY miss my sewing machine.  She has a home in our current basement, but all of my stuff is in a million boxes and it is frustrating to go down there and try to do a project since I can't find anything I need!  I hope to get some time to organize it all soon.  We are trying to leave as much in boxes as possible since we are renting for a year and will be moving again once we figure out where we want to buy a house!
Okay, enough about moving!  On to the vintage finds- I am so excited that I found some absolutely adorable vintage girls dresses and outfits at a consignment sale!  Can you believe it?  I am going to let Stella wear some, but some of these are available on my ETSY page.  If there is one you want that I don't put up there, send me a message and I may be ready to part with it :)
I plan to use some of these dresses to inspire a pattern or two, yay!  I am trying to figure out a way to do printable patterns more easily.  If you have suggestions let me know in the comments section.

Modeled by the always willing Stella (okay...if I feed her mini marshmallows) here are the things I came across!

The Buttercup Dress
This is a sweet little dress!  It is a soft buttercup color, with extremely lightweight fabric.  It has pleats to make a full skirt, and little heart shaped flowers with green stems embroidered across the bodice.  Lace and a bow on the bodice and puffed sleeves complete this sweet little dress!  Go HERE to buy it!

The Calico Cutie
This little calico dress is such a sweet vintage find!  Who doesn't love a little calico?  The fabric is the best part of this dress and the puff sleeves add to the vintage appeal.  With some simple lace and a tiny satin bow across the bodice over the top of the gathering, the dress is complete!  Click HERE to buy it!

The Ruffle Sleeve Tunic
This is a tunic length on my tall little baby, but for a tiny one it could grow up with them- use it as a dress when they are shorter and a top when they are taller!  The ruffle sleeves stand out so beautifully, and there is that pale yellow again!  So sweet.  The pin folds, lace, and embroidery just add to the "sweet" factor on this one!  I think I have to keep it for now, but if you really must have it, email me and I might let it go!

The Sweetheart Dress
This is a dress with a huge collar, a little floral embroidered heart, and the babiest of baby blues.  I love so much about this dress! Puff sleeves, lace, embroidery...  The white of the collar is a tiny bit yellowed, but I think it may come out, and is not that noticeable.  I am considering making a pattern inspired by this one!  If you must have this for your little one, buy it HERE!

The Little Sailor Girl
Oh my!  Look at this classic cuteness!  A sailor dress is not something I have ever put on my girls, but now I am a convert.  This is absolutely adorable, patriotic, and might be fun to recreate with cotton.  This is a knit dress.  You can buy it HERE!

The Silky Sweet Cardi
This little jacket is made of a soft, silky fabric!  It has kimono sleeves, gorgeous pink embroidered flowers, a pink crocheted border, and satin tie.  Absolutely beautiful!  Buy HERE!

The Sun Hat Girl Suit
I LOVE this outfit.  It is a two piece sunsuit, and the bottoms are plastic lined!  It was truly made to play by the seashore.  I am keeping this one, but I have a feeling Stella will outgrow it very soon, so keep an eye on the ETSY shop or let me know if you want it reserved for you.
Red gingham, applique, embroidery...I think this one is pattern worthy???

The Little Blue Sun Suit
This is the blue version of the sun suites I bought.  It is SUPER cute.  Everyone loves a ruffly bootie on a baby, right?  And the little bib top is so cute.  Pattern Alert!!!  Buy this one HERE!

The Little Pink Gingham Sun Suit
The same as the blue one, but PINK!!!  Love it.  Keeping it :)
Had to use this one- that face!!! HAHAHA!

The Just Ducky Pinafore
This cute little pinafore is a year-round find!  Wear it over a simple dress in winter, or all alone on a hot summer day.  I really love this one!  Look at the lace, the little embroidered ducky, and the big back bow.  So CUTE!!!   Keeping it!

I hope you enjoyed a look at these vintage finds as much as I have enjoyed having them!  I am sad to part with every piece, but I just can't justify keeping them all!!!  The good news is, I will sell the ones not for sale after Stella outgrows them.  If you want something, let me know and I will tell you when I'm ready to sell it!
And let me know which one you want s recreated pattern of first!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013


I think I have referenced that I've been SUPER busy lately.  We are actually moving from the Indianapolis, IN area to Louisville, KY!  This change is exciting, as my husband has a new job he is really excited about, and we will remain somewhat near my family. However- the excitement is hard for me to tap into since I have sooooooo much to do!

My moving checklist:
-find every kind of doctor imaginable
-find a preschool
-find out where the best shops are (VERY important to know, stat!)
-find a gym
-organize my junk so when the movers come to pack they don't see how messy I am and judge me even though I will never see them again...
-find a babysitter we trust
-sell/give away/donate the aforementioned junk
-sew Stella her 1st birthday dress before we move since her birthday is a couple weeks after!
-remember NOT to buy the Costco-sized pack of toilet paper, since we are about to move (ooops, forgot that one!)
-fix every single tiny little aesthetic issue in our house so we can sell it
-interview real estate agents. apologize when dog jumps and puts muddy paw prints on the winter white suit of one of the agents you end up rejecting...sorry :(
-attend moving away party (thanks Kristin!)
-stammer and turn red when 3 year old announces to mover dude "I pooped!" complete with two gigantic turds, and a naked bootie (TRUE story!  Good thing he said he has 4 kids!)
-get driven nuts by the kids who just don't understand why mommy is doing all of these projects

I'm sure I left about 100 things off the list!  At any rate, wish me luck with the transition.  I really hope to get the kids involved and help them (and myself) make some friends quickly.  I hope to make our rented house feel like "home" until we figure out where we want to buy.  I hope to not go crazy.

Do any of you live in or know a lot about Louisville?
Do any of you have relocation tips?

Please share!!!

ALSO- I am going to locate my studio somewhere closer to toys so I can hopefully get more sewing done, which means more tutorials for you!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Can fashion be affordable and convenient? YES!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of No nonsense for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

As a busy mom of two young girls, I am always looking for shortcuts that help me out.   When it comes to being stylish, its can be really challenging for a mom.  It's a nightmare to take my kids to the mall with me, shopping online doesn't allow you to try things on, and then its hard to justify spending a lot of money on an item if its just going to get barfed on, right?

I was really excited to get this opportunity to try leggings and tights from No nonsense.  I can buy them at the kinds of stores I find myself at often- drug stores, grocery stores, and bog box stores.  They are affordable, comfortable, and even stylish! You can find the store nearest you here.No nonsense tights and leggings

Even Access Hollywood correspondent Jill Martin has signed on as their spokesperson.  She knows style and now she is the face of No nonsense.  Check out this video!


I was so excited to get my No nonsense leggings and tights in the mail.  Here are the cute outfits I put together using them!

Look #1- Jeggings

These No nonsense leggings are super comfy, and super flattering.  They are thick enough to hold up and last too!  The color is a nice slimming deep indigo.  I wore them to church with a fun little chemise, wrap sweater, and riding boots.  I've worn them a bunch since getting them and I still love them!


christmas 2012 001 (599x800)


Look #2- Lacey tights

I was really excited to get these black lacey tights to try!  I wore them on Christmas Eve with a classic black wool skirt, red wrap top, and wedge boots.  They added a fun element to an otherwise simple outfit.  I got so many compliments!  For more ideas and to stay connected, follow No nonsense on Facebook and Twitter. No nonsense on Facebook


christmas 2012 044 (430x800)

I am definitely a fan of No nonsense now that I know how great these look and hold up, and you can't beat the price!  Let me know if you try them out!


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