Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Jammies and Homemade Wrapping Paper!

Well, despite being in the third trimester I have kept so busy getting ready for Christmas! (But I am WORN out!)
I kept thinking December 25th was my goal, but my side of the family celebrates on the 17th, so I am scrambling to finish some sewing projects, as well as my homemade wrapping paper!

(We also squeezed in some cookie baking, and my daughter decided the dough looked good. Thank goodness we use local organic eggs, so at least its not quite as bad...or that's what I told myself!)

For all the kids, I wanted to make some Jammies. Instead of choosing Christmas fabric, I went with flannel prints they could wear all winter. The tops are much more time-consuming and I just couldn't do it, so I bought plain t's and added an applique that matched the flannel. The boys got a penguin and the girls got a heart. I free-handed these, but you can do a Google image search to find ideas or outlines to use. The boys got plain pants, and the girls got some ruffle action as well as a tiny satin bow at the center of the waist.

Now to the wrapping paper...
I am so lucky that my husband got a goodie for me from his office. He was astounded that I actually wanted this item, and even more astounded that I wanted it all. What was it? A GINORMOUS roll of paper- I'm talking big. They apparently got sent the wrong size for one of their machines, so voila! It's mine!
I immediately knew what I would make with it, which is the wrapping paper. I did make some fancy kind at my craft night where we cut a romaine lettuce heart and used it as a stamp. While it looked cool, it involved paint. Paint has to dry and did I mention I have been running behind??? So I used crayons!!!
This was perfect since my daughter didn't want to nap. Here are some of the designs. Can you guess which one my 2 year old contributed to?

(For this one, I wrote "Joy to the World" and made some messy stars.)

(For the plaid, I held 2 crayons together to make each row of stripes. I used a few different color combos.)

(This one is my favorite- I used 2 reds and 2 greens to each make a word. "Joy", "Peace", "Love", and "Hope". It looks really cool!)

Here is a gift all wrapped up with Christmas fabric scraps and cute gift tags that I made using a printable from My Sparkle.

Do you have any other ideas for homemade wrapping paper? I've got so much more of this paper left, so send your ideas my way!!!

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  1. LOVe the jammies....mine are all cut out but still sitting in pile...argh! Well done!

  2. I wish I had done the button up tops, oh well, maybe next year I will plan more ahead of time!

  3. I love your pj's.... that's a good idea to make them so they can wear them all winter.
    My husband's family celebrates on the 17th too-- such a pain to get things ready early!


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