Thursday, October 11, 2012

I love Coconut Oil!

I have been using coconut oil for a while and now I finally feel like I've learned enough to write up a post about it!  I'm sure there are many more tips and uses out there, but this can be a start for you if you've never used it before.
Some people claim that coconut oil can help lower cholesterol, help with weight loss, aid in digestion...but I'm not sure if any of this has been proven.  These benefits would be great, but I am happy to have an organic natural oil to use in my cooking and beauty regimen!

Cooking tips:
As a butter replacer-
I have found that coconut oil works really well as a butter replacement when making grilled cheese!  It spreads up great on your bread.  It does NOT make a good "topping" so don't try to replace your butter for everything! (And use real butter, okay?  None of that weird stuff.  A little real butter won't hurt you!)  It also works as an ingredient in buttercream frosting, and bonus, the frosting is nice and white!  This could get a little expensive though!  You really could use it for any baking needs that call for butter and it works great.

As a cooking oil replacer-
Sometimes after being cooked at a high heat the coconut oil takes on a strange aftertaste, but usually it works just fine.  There is a slight coconut taste which I love, but depending on the recipe you want to use it in this might not be a good thing!  It works AWESOME to make homemade popcorn in the pan,  I love it!  I also love it for cooking fish and chicken, but not so much for eggs.  You can use it to replace oil in recipes such as quick breads and other things that call for oil.

Things it is not good for-
Its solid at room temp, so its not a good salad dressing oil.  Also, as mentioned above it is pretty flavorless so it doesn't make a good topping.

Beauty tips:

This is pretty self explanatory, I mean, its an oil, haha!  I've used it on my eczema and it works nicely.

Hair treatment-
Get your hair wet with hot water, squeeze out the excess water, then spread coconut oil and comb through.  Let it sit up in your hair wrapped in a towel, then wash out after you have let it rest for about 20 minutes.  Nice, shiny, silky hair!
A tiny dab after every washing for very dry hair (like my naturally curly mane) works wonders!
It also works as a sort of pomade.  Just be VERY careful and use a tiny bit at a time until you get the desired "look".

Natural deodorant-
I have to give my friend credit for this one.  She has been putting some on her armpits, then dabbing baking soda on top.  She said it even passed the "gardening outside in summer" test.  I have yet to try it but I just might!  What a great idea!

Make-up tips-
Stubborn waterproof mascara?  Use some coconut oil to wipe it off!
Dry lips?  That's right, rub some coconut oil on that pout!
Turn a powdered make-up into a cream- yup, mix it with a dab of coconut oil!

Like I said, I'm sure there are a million more uses, but hopefully these have inspired you to grab a jar and get started!  You will love it!

Please share your uses and tips for coconut oil below!

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