Sunday, November 11, 2012

Violette Field Threads pattern review- Josephine

In her "Josephine" blouse.

Hi, I've still been MIA!  Still sewing, crafting, entertaining, and decorating...just not finding a lot of time to photograph it and blog about it!
I hope to show off some of my Christmas sewing soon- dresses for the girls as well as plenty of Christmas skirts, tie shirts, and onesie dresses that I am selling. (Just a one-time Christmas thing for now, no shop open permanently).
I also grabbed some cute flannel at Joann's this week to make PJ pants.

BUT as to the topic of this post, LJ had her 3rd birthday!  Per her instructions, it was an "Ocean, Mermaid, Fishy, Shark" party.  In that order, haha!  I always sew a birthday outfit, and this year with two kids it was much harder.  My sister AND sister-in-law had to come over to help me with the baby so I had time to sew.  They also majorly helped me clean, so I owe them big time! 
This year I opted for my first Violette Field Threads pattern.  I have always been a fan of their aesthetic, but I usually invent my own patterns since I like adventure and if I'm honest, I'm a cheapskate sometimes too.  But their PDF patterns are so affordable and super cute, so I bought two!  I intended to sew a pair of their Whitney pants to go with this top, but I ended up not having time.  Good thing she had a navy blue skirt to wear!

Her top requested gift- Jesse the cowgirl!

The details:
FABRIC- to go with the party theme, I used an adorable whale print from Joanns.  Yes, I would have loved to use the Dear Stella Anchors Away line, but time was a factor since I kinda procrastinated so I couldn't get any in time!   Then I found a yellow fabric that picked up the yellow hearts in the design.  Bright, I know.  But hey, its for a 3 year old, haha!

NOTIONS- All you need are a few buttons, depending on the size and if you want non-functioning buttons on the arm cuff.  Also, a little bias tape but I usually make it from the fabric.  I used some plain off-white buttons, as my fabric was a little "loud."

THE PATTERN-  The pattern can be made as a blouse or a dress, with long sleeves or a pretty flutter sleeve.  I chose to make the long sleeved blouse.  It has pretty pintucks and a ruffled button placket.  The sleeve is a puff sleeve.  My only fuss with the long sleeve pattern is that it does not button at the cuff.  I think this would have been good for the pattern to have because then you could roll it up a little depending on weather and to be stylin', do ya feel me?  I think they wanted a super tailored looks so that might be why they didn't have it.  It comes in sizes 2T-10.  I wish they had baby patterns too so I could make the baby a version to match, haha!

I love the collar on this blouse!

CONSTRUCTION- Overall, I believe it took me about 4 hours of fabric cutting and garment construction, which isn't too bad.  I really went against my nature and tried to be a perfectionist with this one.  The tedious part was constructing the paper pattern from the printed PDF.  So much cutting out, taping, re-taping to make it lie flat, etc.  It was a pain.  Even though as I mentioned above I can be a cheapskate, I totally want to splurge on their printed patterns for next time.  As a busy mom all this cutting and taping took up very precious time that I could have used sewing!  Lesson learned!

FIT- I followed the measurements on the chart.  LJ fell right on the line, so I chose the larger size thinking she would have room to grow.  Unfortunately, it JUST fit her perfectly (and yes, I preshrunk the fabric and followed their seam allowances).  So I would recommend going up at least one size.

OVERALL OPINION-  Very versatile pattern, GREAT instructions with detailed photos, intermediate skill set, and comes in nice size range.  If you have limited time and can afford it, buy the paper pattern, not the PDF!  Grade: A- (points off for slight sizing issue). 

Mommy and Daddy's least favorite gift- a rooster alarm clock.  Granny and Grandpa in Tennessee must have it out for us!
That's all for now, I hope I can find more time to blog soon.  I do miss it.  I have so many creative ideas and I love having this outlet for them!  Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

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