Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What I've been up to...

Hi!  I have been enjoying my blog break but I definitely miss it!  It seems that even with #1 in preschool 2 days a week I am still not caught up enough to blog much.  BUT I am also really spending time with my family and keeping my priorities right, so that feels good.  I can always blog a lot more when they are older.

Stella's first time on the swing!
We discovered that Daddy had a cameo in Madagascar!
We've had lots of quality "cousin time".

Things I would have blogged about if I had time-
-I had a toddler busy bag exchange!!!
-I hosted a Pampered Chef party and earned some free stuff! (turns out my friends didn't mind Pampered Chef, they liked it!  I hate these kinds of parties normally)
-I created a fantastic butternut squash tart with caramelized onions, sage, and goat cheese.  Hopefully I can take pics next time I make it and share it here.

And am upcoming post....Wine-terest night with a friend!  I am having my first Wine-terest night which is....when a friend and I pin the same craft, I invite them over to drink wine and actually MAKE the thing we pinned!  hahahah!!! We are making a cute Fall tulle wreath. 

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