Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wine-terest night (cheesy name alert!)

I mentioned my new idea for hanging out with my friends in a past post!  I am finally getting around to sharing the result of my first Wine-terest night!
Drink wine.  Make your pins.  It's simple!

My friend Aimee and I had not really hung out since we were pre-teens.  Our parents went to high school together so we grew up hanging out.  Well, after many Facebook comments and mutual pins on Pinterest, I was like....hey, I have an epiphany- LETS ACTUALLY HANG OUT!!!! hahah!!!  Technology is great, but it makes me lazy.  I've got people I talk to on Facebook that I hardly hang out with in "real" life!  To remedy that, I had the idea to keep an eye out for things a friend and I both pin, then setting a date to get together and actually make it and hang out.  Bonus points for wine and snacks :)
Here was the pin we both loved:

It is an esty shop if you want to go buy one!  I pu the link under the photo for your convenience and to give credit where due.
Aimee and I had a great time catching up, and here is what we came up with!

On the left is Aimee's cute fluffy one, and on the right is my "stripey" one.  Both cute!
We decided they could double as lion's manes.
So get pinning, hang with your friends, and have a great time!!!


  1. The lions' manes picture was after the wine, right? ;) lol

    1. Hey, it doesn't take as much wine as you would think to get me to act like that, haha!


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