Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Turn jeans into a toddler skirt!

David always wears out his expensive Lucky I have some nice stylish denim in my stash pretty much all the time!  While folding up the latest pair, I had the thought to measure the bottom thinking LJ's little booty would fit, and I was right!
This is a simple project if your hubby's old jeans are wide enough to fit.  If not, I wrote in modified directions!

Step One:  Cut off pant leg to length you want plus 2 inches. (if not wide enough, cut 2 pant legs and piece together to be wide enough.)

Step Two:  Determine how many inches need to be taken in at waist.  The band is flat in front with wide elastic in the back, so cut elastic to the length needed minus 1.5 inches.

Step Three: Zigzag raw edge, then fold over one inch and sew down.  Leave an opening on either side for threading and sewing down elastic in the back.

Step Four:  Sew down well one end of elastic, then thread it through and sew down other end.

Step Five:  Sew down openings.

Step Six: Embellish!  I added a wide decorative stitch on the front waistband, then did three different ones around the bottom hem.
adorable tee is from H&M, shoes by Keen
put the worn part in the back, added character!

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