Friday, June 15, 2012

I've been busy!

Whew!  Hosted a Bridal Shower last weekend, made 3 pillowcase dresses, a kid maxi dress, and some new shorts for LJ.  We also got in plenty of play time!
No pics of the bridal shower, because my husband grabbed the camera to take to the zoo during the shower...grrr!
The kid maxi dress turned out cute, hopefully the recipient's mama will get a picture of her in it for me!
kid maxi
two overlapped triangles for the bodice, plus a fun flower pin!
Love the sprinkler!!!
someone learned to suck her thumb...
I made LJ some cute Bermuda shorts using my fave free pattern- the Kid Pants pattern from MADE.  I simply folded up the leg part of the pattern to make them bermuda length.  I did the flat front option too.
pretty stitch and button to add personality...
She said "these pants are cozy, mama!  i gonna pee in 'em!"  Not the purpose I had in mind, but she is potty learning age so probably just being honest!
buttons on each leg hem too!
She knows if she poses for me she gets a reward- this time some swing time.  She likes me to do "Underdog" haha!
So that is just some of what I've been up to!!!  I would love to find the time to do a detailed tute/pattern for the maxi dress.  Hopefully that will happen!!!
Have a great Father's Day weekend!

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  1. I love kids because they are SO honest!!


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