Friday, June 22, 2012

Cute, comfy Yoga-Waist PJ Pants!

My 4 month old and I are heading up to my cousin's house tomorrow for a slumber party!  I haven't been to one in ages (does playing Scrabble in bed with my hubby count?) so I am excited for a fun girls night!
While packing, I discovered that I no longer own cute PJs.  In college, I had a million presentable pajama pants and tops, but now its either ratty camis and undies or silky things that are for the husband only.  Plus, with this postpartum weight hanging around no one wants to see that, trust me!!!
So, I treated myself to some rare "sewing for me" time while LJ napped and whipped up these cute yoga-waist PJ pants.  They are so comfy, and so "me!"

To make some, you will need:
-A couple yards of cotton fabric
-about 1/4 yard rib knit
-a pair of pants whose fit you like (to use as a pattern)
-sewing supplies (thread, scissors, etc.)
-optional "flair" (mine is vintage lace I found at a local shop)

Step One-
Fold pants in half lengthwise.  With the longest seam on the fold, trace the shape of the other side onto your fabric.  Add in some room for a seam!  If you want them longer/shorter do that here.  DON'T add in the waistband- we will make that out of the ribbed knit.

Step Two- Cut out two of the pant leg shapes you traced above.

Step Three- Sew the leg seam.

Step Four- Turn one pant leg inside out, and place the other leg inside.  Line up the crotch seams and sew.

Step Five- Try them on to check the fit so far!

Step Six- Take the rib knit, and cut a long piece (the lines should go up and down).  This piece should fit around your waist (or hips, wherever you want it to hit) while stretched a little.

Step Seven- Sew the rib knot together end to end to make a tube.

Step Eight- Fold the tube over and zig-zag or serge around the bottom seam.

Step Nine- Pin the rib part to your pants.  The rib should be smaller, so you will have to pin carefully then stretch as you sew.

Step Ten- Sew the waistband to the pants.

Step Eleven- Hem the pants to the length desired.
I have been saving this trim, and this was the perfect project for it!  All different!

Step Twelve- Add any trim, and you're done!!!

Yay, cute PJ pants!

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  1. What a cool use for the lace! It looks really comfy as well as beautiful! :)


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