Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Quicky "fancy" Water

Are you, like me, bad about drinking enough water?  I never seem to drink enough for the hot weather and breastfeeding.  Of course, I can down iced coffee, diet coke, lemonade, or beer like it's going out of style.  In an attempt to make water more "drinkable" I have been adding flavor- all without caffeine or sugars.  And it takes, like, one minute!

For the drink pictured above, I used my fave "venti" cup leftover from an iced coffee.  But really I should be using a fancy glass or stainless bottle to avoid plastics, but it won't hurt me on occasion!

For all recipes, place ice in cup, place ingredients on top, then fill with water!  The longer you let it sit, the more flavors will be in it.  I make it fresh each day or the stuff in there can get yucky!

Recipe One-
frozen berries, two mint leaves

Recipe Two-
3-4 cucumber slices, two mint leaves (cucumber is also great plain)

Recipe Three-
Lemon wedge (squeezed) and raspberries

Recipe Four-
2-3 strawberries (muddled), 2 basil leaves

Recipe Five-
Lime wedge (squeezed), sprig of cilantro

Recipe Six-
frozen berries, sprig of rosemary

Recipe Seven-
Lemon wedge (squeezed), and edible lavender

Recipe Eight-
Edible rose petals (these are so good alone!)

Try them out and hopefully it will get you drinking more water!!!
Share your ideas for more recipes below!

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  1. I'm not too great about drinking enough water either, so I make a huge batch of decaf ice tea and I go through that like crazy. We also slice lemons AND limes and let them sit in ice cold water. Something I hadn't tried until coming out to HI was sliced oranges in cold water...that is refreshing!


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