Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Mommy Hormones, Sisters, Call out for advice!

New Mommy Hormones...for those of us who have had children, you know all too well what I am referring to.  There is this approximately two week time frame where your body suddenly has an absence of hormones the placenta has made for 9 months, and it makes you CRAZY!
Who wouldn't love a face like that?
 Over the past couple of weeks, I have had some great moments due to my "crazy" hormones. 
 I have cried because I am so in love with my little Stella.
 I have cried because I feel horrible guilt over the way my 2 year old Lola must feel.
 I have cried because I feel chubby (do ya feel me???)
 I have cried because I wanted to take a nap and organize my dresser drawers and couldn't decide which was more important to me (for real!)

I probably cried over a few other things too, but I am sleep deprived and can't remember :)

That being said, I am now over that hump and feeling pretty fantastic (other than lack of sleep!).  Stella actually sleeps waaaaay more than Lola, so I am getting about 5-6 hours at night!  Less than ideal, but pretty good for having a newborn!
My husband gave me hug and a shoulder massage before leaving for work this morning, so that was fantastic.  Then the baby pooped and it was back to reality!
I am really enjoying my two girls, and I look forward to matching outfits, trips to Chicago to prom dress shop together (I know, way in the future but let mommy dream!), slumber parties, puberty, weddings, baking cookies together...all the fun things girls bring.
I am planning to do an idea I found on Pinterest where you have a journal that you write back and forth in with your daughters.  I am going to make each of them one- or maybe an email address like in the TV commercial?  I mean, will they even make paper ten years from now?

Oh, and BONUS- two daughters to change my diapers when I'm old!!!

Being a parent is the toughest job on the planet- but I wouldn't take it back for anything!!!

Are you a mama of two girls close in age like mine?  If so, please share some comment love below giving me your best advice for raising two girls- I would love to have a post in the future where I share these tidbits!  (By commenting below you are giving permission.  I will link to your blog if you have one!

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  1. Can't help with the raising girls advice,...we're all boys here and they're all four-legged, lol. Your photos are beautiful - what adorable little girls. Best wishes and thanks for sharing at our party today.

  2. No girl help from me either, but just wanted to say "I here ya!" Hormones & sleeplessness = crazies! You are a terrific mother!


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