Wednesday, March 28, 2012

10 Healthy Things to Feed Your Toddler

I have seen some posts similar to this, but sadly I disagree with what some people consider "healthy" for their child.  Not that I judge them, I just disagree.  I also understand that people have different budgets to work with and access to different kinds of food depending on where you live! Also, there are some foods on this list that you may deem a choking hazard- I just watch LJ closely and also cut things up when possible. SO now that all that's out of the way, here are 10 of my top picks for meals and snacks to feed a toddler!
 I do not recommend feeding your toddler wash cloths...but apparently LJ does!

1. Peanut butter and apple chunks.
I cut up an organic apple (with skin for nutrients) and spread tiny bits of creamy organic peanut butter on top.

2. Plain Greek yogurt with a dab of organic jam stirred in.
This is way less sugar than the yogurt marketed for toddlers, no food coloring, and you choose the portion!

3.  Matchstick carrots with hummus.
The matchstick carrots are thin enough that they can easily bite through them and chew them up properly.  I use a dab of hummus and put them coming out like spider legs- a big hit!

4.  Homemade popsicles.
Blend fruit and soy milk, regular milk, yogurt, coconut milk- whatever milk you choose!  I like banana, coconut milk, and pineapple- yummy!  I also like strawberry and banana with vanilla soy milk.

5.  Organic lunch meat and cheese cut into pretty shapes
Organic is important- no nasty preservatives and waaaaay less processing.  Use tiny cookie cutter thingys that you can find in the cake decorating section of your favorite craft store.

6.  Noodles, veggie chunks, and cheese
Toddlers don't like a ton of stuff mixed together, but my daughter will eat this.  I use organic Soba noodles since they are made with Buckwheat!  You can get them in the Asian cooking section.  Then I add steamed veggie chunks- broccoli, carrots, zucchini- whatever they like.  Then top with some parmesan cheese!

7.  Hard boiled eggs- SHAPED like fun stuff!  Check out this post to see how!

8.  Organic whole wheat or buckwheat waffles.
These are huge at my house- pop in the toaster and they are done!  Top with fruit puree instead of syrup, or spread with peanut butter for added protein.

9.  Avocado salad
Mix together chunks of avocado, black beans, and corn.  Voila!

10.  Healthy Chicken Nuggets
Cut up chunks of organic chicken, then dip into milk.  Roll in panko bread crumbs (important for crunch!) that you have seasoned the way your child likes.  (We use an MSG- free organic ranch mix to stir into the bread crumbs).  Then place on a baking sheet at 375 degrees F until cooked through. (This depends in the thickness of your chicken)

I hope I gave you some good ideas!  None if it is rocket science or fancy and that's the point- toddlers like to keep things simple!!!
Remember- research shows it can take MANY times of presenting/trying a new food before a child "likes" it.  So keep putting that healthy stuff in front of them!  Also, my daughter tends to go in phases- one week she says she hates eggs, the next week that's all she wants.  So if your child refuses a food, keep trying!


  1. great ideas, I like giving my granddaughter who is 1 some yogurt with fresh fruit for her snack after lunch or dinner.. she is just starting to feed herself with a spoon and she loves the yogurt.

  2. Great post...thanks for the ideas...i have been blogging baout toddler food myself as i have a very fussy twin and one who will eat anything...makes for interesting meal times! Love your thinking too!

  3. That picture of Lola eating that wash cloth is awesome :P

  4. Thanks for the comments! So glad you feeds your kids healthy!


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