Saturday, January 7, 2012

Eye Make-Up Tips and Products

Yes, I'm doing a beauty post.  I do wear make-up every day because it makes me feel awake and human, even if I am just doing laundry and creating fantastic crayon drawings with my toddler.  It is HARD to get good, accurate looking photos of make-up. I did my best for you!  I promise in real life I looked like a supermodel and had zero wrinkles.
I received some fabulous eyeshadow as a gift from my cousin recently, so I wanted to share it. I generally stick to organic and natural products, so this was right up my alley! The company is called Emani Minerals. I have used mineral make-up before, and I really love the versatility of the eyeshadows. You can use them wet or dry, as a shadow or a liner, and even on the face for contouring.  These colors went on beautifully!

For this look, I swept "Extra T.L.C." over the entire eyelid with a fluffy eye brush. Then I used a tighter brush that was slightly damp to apply "Twilight Dust" in the crease. I have deep-set eyes, so I have to go a little above the crease too. Then I applied more "Twilight Dust" as eyeliner with an angled brush. For liner I use a product by bareMinerals called "Weather Everything." You could certainly use water, but "Weather Everything" is a liner sealer, so when you mix this liquid with your powder it creates a waterproof seal to make it last all day and stay in place. I have faithfully used this product for at least 8 years now. It was love at first swipe.

 In this photo you can see the liner a bit better- I did it thicker, almost cat-eyed around the outer edges, then tapered to a thinner line towards the center of my eye.
To finish off, I used some Physicians Formula mascara from their Organic Wear line.

A couple of eye make-up tips I learned from a make-up artist friend several years ago:
-Do your under eye concealer LAST- that way when you get little bits of powder, etc. under your eye you can clean them off beforehand.  It also prevents caking in any wrinkles to do it last, because there will be no powder on top.
-Keep a little wedge sponge on-hand for quick blending, smudge wipe-up, and eyeliner fixing (we aren't all blessed with a perfectly steady hand!)  I do this all the time- I put on a too-thick liner, then use the pointy part of the sponge to make it a much thinner line!
-Dab some white or very light shimmery eyeshadow into the corners of your eye to look awake and refreshed.  You can also make a very thin line along the bottom of your eyebrow and blend well.  Do both combined, and you will look so refreshed!
-ALWAYS comb your eyebrows, and do it at an upward angle.  There is nothing that will complete your eye look better than having perfectly groomed brows.  If yours are wild, use some clear mascara or a toothbrush sprayed with hairspray to hold them there.  Mine stay just fine without anything on them.

Have fun with your make-up today!  Remember, it washes off, its not a tattoo.  So try something new!


  1. thanks for the suggestions - my eyeliner smudges horribly under my eyes, so I am definitely going to try the weather everything.

  2. It's great! And the one tiny bottle lasts forever because you only need a tiny drop each time!


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