Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NFL themed baby outfit

I got a "commissioned" job recently- my dad's office manager needed something cute for a baby shower and asked me to make this Colts themed outfit for a baby boy.  She wanted his initials incorporated, so they are on one of the burp cloths and will be on the onesie I have yet to make.

It was all pretty easy but I did custom design the pants.  I used an old pair of LJ's 3-6 month pants as a guide to be sure the size was right, and they turned out great!  I lined them in a super soft flannel so they would be comfy and warm.  It's really easy- just make another identical pair of pants out of your lining, but turn them inside out.  Then attach at the waist and bottom hem and create the waistband and hem the pants as usual.  Voila, lined baby pants!

Here is the set so far:

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