Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tweed Toddler "suit"

I have been making up for lost time in my sewing room.  Must be the nice sewing chair my husband bought me for my birthday- it is so comfy!
LJ's 2 year old photo shoot is coming up, and I wanted her to have a really cute outfit.  So when I saw this tutorial I was inspired!  I wanted to make "The Audrey Cape" in a heavier fabric, but let LJ pick it out.  She picked out a really pretty tweed with some gold flecks in it. There is also a hint of red and mustard.
So here is her cape, fully lined in off-white so the wooly fabric isn't itchy.  Also so it looks more professional!  I made my collar a little tiny- maybe should have made it a bit larger but it looks cute as is.

So then to make it an outfit or "suit" if you will, I made her a skirt.  At first I was thinking pleated, but then I was like, that's a lot of tweed!  So I made an elastic waist A-line skirt and broke up the tweed with a bit of Fall-colors floral canvas I had.  The canvas part is important- you don't want to combine a lightweight cotton with a heavy fabric or it won't lay right.  I also lined the skirt.

For hemming the bottom and making the elastic casing, I used a pink hemming ribbon.  This helps with bulkier fabrics so that you don't have to roll it over twice to get rid of a raw edge.  You could use a serger if you want but I like the ribbon.
 And because LJ has not warmed up to modeling the outfit yet, I made David put it on (sadly, the skirt did not fit him)  He was trying to convince her but it was a warm day and she didn't want to wear a cape!  Little stinker.
So here is the outfit together.  Hopefully she will wear it for her photo shoot, otherwise she will be in a shirt and tights only, haha!

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  1. very cute - has she had her photo shoot yet? Can't wait to see her in this outfit!


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