Friday, July 8, 2011

Embellished Tank Tops are Here!

Okay, Kristin and I worked our tank top magic last night...or something like that.  Basically, we dumped out my scrap fabric bin, extra beads bin, etc. and waited for inspiration.  I think what we have so far is a great start towards gifts for my Great Christmas Challenge!!!  So take a look and start wondering if one of these is for you...
Oh, and sorry about the crappy photos.  I seem to have misplaced our really expensive camera, much to my husband's I had to use my Blackberry.  But at least you get the idea of what we did, right?

Okay, for this navy blue tank top I grabbed some grayish-blue striped fabric and cut out  9 circles, maybe about 3" in diameter.  Then I folded them in half twice and played around with the layout until I liked how it looked.  I hand sewed the tip top corner onto the shirt carefully so it looked pretty.  Then I added a row of bluish-green beads to the top (larger size of seed beads).  I thought this made it look a bit more finished.

Here is the lovely Kristin modeling her project for the night.  We took some tan-ish floral fabric and made a big long strip.  It was then ruffled the "easy" way on the sewing machine (amp up your thread tension, and hold the thread on the spool while you sew, voila, ruffles!)  After evening out the ruffles by hand and pinning them on, Kristin used a zigzag stitch to attach it all the way around the neckline- we wanted the back to be pretty too!  Then we made a cute flower in off-white to attach as a finishing touch.  The best part?  It's fast and no-sew!  Here is a good tutorial for that from a great blog called "Ruffles and Stuff".  Love her!

I think this last one might be the most "me" of the three we've made so far.  I made four of the above referenced flowers in a beautiful deep orange color.  I made them slightly graduated in size, then attached them in a cluster down the strap.  I think I might make one more smaller one so there is 5.  I have this weird thing where I don't really like even numbers...should I tell my therapist?  Anyways, my daughter woke up from her nap so that's how it ended up with just 4 for the moment.

Sorry again for the awful photography, I promise to hunt and find my camera for next time!  Please help me get more followers- tell any of your friends to officialy follow me and once we get to 25 I will create something as a giveaway and do a drawing!

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