Friday, July 15, 2011

Zucchini time!!!

Ahh, time for zucchini.  This is one of my favorite versatile veggies.  We can grow it in abundance here in Indiana, so I am lucky that my aunt and uncle have a HUGE garden and let me have all I want!  I got a couple of really big ones today and shredded them in my food processor to make zucchini bread.  Then I got to thinking, "That would be a LOT of bread.  So what else can I do with this?"
So here is my list of ideas, some of them I have a recipe link or two to go with them.

1. The simple way- slice, then saute with olive oil, or be lazy and nuke in the micorowave.

2.  Zucchini "pasta":  Get out your veggie peeler and peel it into a bunch of strips.  Salt them down and let them sit for a while, then briefly saute with olive oil and halved cherry tomatoes.  Then top with freshly grated parmesan.  One of my most favorite summer dishes!!! I think this is the original recipe I used was from Rachael Ray, but it is no longer on the website.  You could also add in some high-quality bacon to give a flavorful (but fatty) boost.

3. Add sheredded zucchini to: soups, pastas, quiches, frittatas, omelets, meatloaf, meatballs, turkey burgers, or hide in your kids mac n cheese!

4.  Zucchini cake/cupcakes- Bake your favorite zucchini bread recipe then top with cream cheese icing, yummy!!!  Or use a recipe like this one:

5. Zucchini lasagna- replace your noodles with large slices of zucchini- I would salt them and set aside for a few minutes to get some water out of it, then brown both sides with oil in a pan first to boost flavor.  I've also done this with eggplant.  Here is a recipe if you are a recipe kinda person!

6.  Zucchini baby food- When LJ was a little baby, she loved some smashed up zucchini with a little parmesan cheese.  You can freeze the extras in ice cube trays so you have perfect portions for your little one.

7.  Zucchini boats- cut a v-shaped slit down the length of an entire zucchini, then use a spoon to take out some of the middle.  Stuff with whatever- meat mixture, cheeses, etc. then wrap in foil and bake!  Yummy!  I do have an idea about zucchini cups, but I think it might get messy.  But if you have a big one, you could cut it into several cylindars and scoop out a cup to fill...I just don't know if the bottom of it would get to watery with no skin there.  Looks like I might be trying this tonight!

8.  Zucchini-kebabs.  Self-explanatory.  Although I would suggest adding other veggies as well, duh.

9.  Zucchini pancakes!!!!  I am making these on Sunday for my family.  Just make your regular old pancake recipe, leave out about 1/8 cup of the milk (the zucchini is a bit watery) then toss in some zucchini and some cinnamon.  Nutritious (before all the butter and syrup) and delicious!

10.  Zucchini latkes- shred some potato, some zucchini, and some onion.  Mix together with some flour and egg and a pinch or two of salt.  Form into tiny latkes and thow 'em in the frying pan with a little olive oil.  Brown them on both sides and serve with some creme fraiche or sour cream!  This would be great at a brunch.

Hopefully I have helped you with some good zucchini ideas!  Get cookin' and send me your good ideas, I would love some more!  Now off to my giant shredded-zucchini filled Ikea zip top baggie...

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