Monday, June 20, 2011

Toddler Faux-Petticoat Skirt

So we have a two year old's birthday party tomorrow night, and I wanted to whip up something personal to add to her gift.  The result?  A cute Faux-Petticoat circle skirt.
-I made a circle skirt for the top layer (floral fabric).  I left the top edge raw and hemmed the bottom.
-Then I took a long strip of the pinstripe fabric, folded it in half and ruffled it.  I then attached this to the raw edge of the floral fabric.
-I then folded the top over to make a casing for the elastic and threaded it through.
-I also made a bow and attached it at the hip!


I did not do a full tutorial because there are a ton of circle skirt ones on the web- google it and see!!!

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