Sunday, June 12, 2011

Christmas Gift Adventure/ Little Boy Napkin Set

So, I have really worked on being more "green" this year, and one idea I had was to make my Christmas gifts.  I have a crazy stash in my sewing/craft room and I want to use all that good stuff!  I will be buying things as needed, but my goal is to reuse as much as possible.
Please send me your reusing ideas as I mention projects! 
I will not say who each gift is for, because some recipients read this blog...have fun guessing!

Here is my first scrap project- a cute cloth napkin set for little boys!  I used some leftover fabric from making a toddler bed sheet set for my nephew.  I will post my very first tutorial for this simple project in the next week.  Keep an eye out- even if you are a beginning sewer (or have never sewn) you can do this project, it's that easy I promise!

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