Monday, April 30, 2012

Embellished boy's tshirts

I am ready to put the first winner's prizes in the mail!  She didn't really need any of the "mommy" prizes, so I let her pick two kid prizes.  She ended up going with two boy's t-shirts.  Her son wears cloth diapers (check out my cloth diaper post here) so a t-shirt is perfect to show off his cute diaper covers!
The first one is a tie t-shirt.  I used some "manly" blue fabric and appliqued it on. 
Basic tie t-shirt!
For the other one, she said to get creative, and mentioned her hubby's love of baseball.  So I traced a circle on some off-white fabric (since a classic baseball is off-white) then used bright red thread to make the lines on the ball.  My sewing machine has a stitch that looks EXACTLY like a baseball stitch, yay!  I used a narrower version of that same stitch around the perimeter of the ball.  I definitely will use this technique again, it turned out so cute!
Baseball t-shirt
Close-up of baseball stitch
I am putting these in the mail today!  The other giveaway winner has been traveling so I am waiting on her to choose her prizes and will post them when they are complete!  (It actually has worked out well since I am so much busier with two kids now!)

Some projects I am working on and hope to post for you soon (and by soon, I mean whenever I get a chance to sew...since my daughters have not been synching up their nap times lately!)

-i-spy bag tutorial (as suggested by YOU!)
-Free People inspired "hippie" headband
-Yoga waistband knit skirt (turned out so cute, just need to put the tute together)
-Baby "lovie" mini blankie

There are so many more ideas floating around in my brain...the curse of the creative person, hahah!  I know that someday when my girls are both in school I will have more time to work on my projects, so I have to force myself to put the brakes on my brain and realize that this stage in my life is not the time to get a million sewing and craft projects done!  I wouldn't trade one minute of this time in our lives for a million dollars though! (Okay, sometimes during a toddler tantrum I would be tempted...)

Have a great week, and if you haven't gotten your mom a gift for Mother's Day yet jump over here to get some ideas!


  1. OMG Catherine! They turned out ADORABLE!!!! Thank you so much! I'll be sure to post some pictures of him in them after they get here, an put them on your FB page for you :) DH is going to LOVE the baseball too! <3


  2. Glad you like them! Pix would be great, I'm sure he'll be adorable!


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