Tuesday, April 24, 2012

100 followers giveaway winners!

Congrats to Justice and Sandy for winning the giveaway!  They get two custom made prizes each! One from each list below!
Pillowcase top and pillowcase dress :)

-Custom embellished tank top
-Custom tote bag/purse
-Custom nursing cover

-Custom pajama pants or nightgown
-Custom Crochet beanie hat
-Custom pillowcase dress (or tunic for older girl)
-Custom Bow tie or regular tie onesie or tshirt (depending on age)

Some totes

When I have their choices and sizes I will make their items, then I will post a pic here so you can see all their loot :)

A big THANK YOU to everyone who entered, helped spread the word, and actually reads my blog!  And a big WELCOME to any new followers!
I am planning some fun tutes- a couple of people have requested an ispy bag tutorial so that is on my list, plus I am working on a cute jersey top for myself, and a yoga waistband skirt for kids. So stay tuned!
Also, there will be another giveaway at 200 followers, so keep spreading the word about ToBeContinued! Love you guys!!!

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