Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Basket stuffers round-up

It's almost Easter- a time for those of us who are Christian to remember Jesus rising from the grave after dying on the cross.  Of course, in our culture Easter has also become a time for bunnies and baskets, dresses and hats, candy and eggs...a hodge-podge of Springy goodness.  As kids, we always had a great time hunting down our baskets in the house, and seeing what kind of note the bunny left us.  We always had the Robin's Eggs candy, Jelly Beans, and a chocolate bunny along with some kinds of special gift. 
For my kids, I do the same!  Last year as a 2 year old, Lola Jane really got into it.  This year, I think both of my girls will have a blast.  (Although I had some explaining to do when LJ found the requested Care Bears in the back of my van the other day...I had to make up a story quick!)
I thought I would put together some fun and affordable basket stuffer ideas for those of you are wanting some inspiration or are not sure what to put in a basket for a very young child.  Here are 50 ideas!
1. A new little ball
2.  A book (Target has cute board books for $1, or hit the Christian bookstore for an Easter book!)
3.  A photo of the family pet wearing bunny ears
4.  "puff" snacks in plastic eggs
5.  New flip flops or special shoes to wear with their Easter outfit (depending on what you have to spend)
6.  Crayons
7.  Stickers
8.  Homemade toddler muffins
9.  Pureed fruit pouches
10.  New toddler flatwear
11.  New sippy cup
12.  cool panties or underwear with their favorite character
13.  Cute cloth diaper cover (We shop at Toasty Baby)
14.  A bible verse or a compliment written on a slip of paper inside an egg
15.  Silly Putty or play dough
16.  toddler-safe nail polish
17.  tiny figurines (dinosaurs, ponies, etc.)
18. a jump rope
19.  bubbles
20.  craft paint or finger paint
21. coloring book or plain notepad
22.  alphabet flash cards (the Dollar store always has these)
23. animal crackers
24.  maracas
25.  harmonica
26.  music CD
27.  glue sticks
28.  pipe cleaners, googly eyes, pom-poms
29.  hair things or a hat
30.  New socks
31.  A little purse or "treasure pouch" with something inside
32.  Lacing cards (or use a hole punch to make your own out of cardboard shapes)
33.  Dehydrated fruit in plastic eggs
34.  felt race track pieces (will stick to carpet- make them yourself by cutting curvy shapes from black felt)
35.  Wind-up toys
36.  Bean bag pouches (if you sew you can make them)
37. Stuffed animal (you can get Easter-y ones at the Dollar Store)
38.  mini oranges (like Cuties)
39.  alphabet magnets
40. teethers
41.  toothbrush
42.  toothpaste
43.  new shampoo or soap
44. bath toys
45. hot wheels
46.  sandbox toys
47. goldfish crackers in plastic eggs
48.  single serve nut butters (like nutella!)
49.  hair brush or comb
50.  Don't forget a note from the Easter Bunny!

I hope some of these ideas work for you if you get stuck in a rut!  Have a happy Easter!


  1. Great List! I'm Totally Stealing The Puffs Idea! (Not Sure Why All My Words Are Being Automatically Capitalized).

    By The Way, Check Out Resurrection Rolls!

    1. My kids are puffs addicts :) I will come check out your recipe!


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