Saturday, January 12, 2013


I think I have referenced that I've been SUPER busy lately.  We are actually moving from the Indianapolis, IN area to Louisville, KY!  This change is exciting, as my husband has a new job he is really excited about, and we will remain somewhat near my family. However- the excitement is hard for me to tap into since I have sooooooo much to do!

My moving checklist:
-find every kind of doctor imaginable
-find a preschool
-find out where the best shops are (VERY important to know, stat!)
-find a gym
-organize my junk so when the movers come to pack they don't see how messy I am and judge me even though I will never see them again...
-find a babysitter we trust
-sell/give away/donate the aforementioned junk
-sew Stella her 1st birthday dress before we move since her birthday is a couple weeks after!
-remember NOT to buy the Costco-sized pack of toilet paper, since we are about to move (ooops, forgot that one!)
-fix every single tiny little aesthetic issue in our house so we can sell it
-interview real estate agents. apologize when dog jumps and puts muddy paw prints on the winter white suit of one of the agents you end up rejecting...sorry :(
-attend moving away party (thanks Kristin!)
-stammer and turn red when 3 year old announces to mover dude "I pooped!" complete with two gigantic turds, and a naked bootie (TRUE story!  Good thing he said he has 4 kids!)
-get driven nuts by the kids who just don't understand why mommy is doing all of these projects

I'm sure I left about 100 things off the list!  At any rate, wish me luck with the transition.  I really hope to get the kids involved and help them (and myself) make some friends quickly.  I hope to make our rented house feel like "home" until we figure out where we want to buy.  I hope to not go crazy.

Do any of you live in or know a lot about Louisville?
Do any of you have relocation tips?

Please share!!!

ALSO- I am going to locate my studio somewhere closer to toys so I can hopefully get more sewing done, which means more tutorials for you!!!

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