Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Newborn baby Christmas Outfit

My newest niece was born this past week, and I wanted to give her something homemade.  I needed it to be something I could whip up quickly, as she came a couple weeks early!  I made her older sister a Sunbonnet girl quilt (family tradition) and will make her one too eventually.  So, with Christmas coming up I made her a little pair of lined pants and embellished long sleeved onesie.  The pants are similar to the Colts baby pants I made a few weeks ago. (That post has more instructions related to the lining).

I used a pair of LJ's old baby pants as a template and cut the pieces out of the striped cotton and the flannel lining fabric.  I shortened the striped layer by a couple of inches to allow for the ruffle.  In the dotted Christmas fabric I cut about 4 inch strips then folded in half and used a ruffle stitch to gather.  Then before sewing the leg seams together I added the ruffle to the bottom and topstitched.  This is the only way to add ruffles to such tiny pants! 

I added a big bow at the waist.  I basically sewed two rectangles together leaving a hole to turn right side out.  Then I kept the hole and seam in the back and twisted the bow and sewed across the center to hold the twist.  Then I stitched onto the pants with green embroidery thread.

For the onesie I made three bows to stitch to the neck.  For these I took a rectangle and hemmed the two long sides.  Then with wrong sides together I sewed along the shorter side.  After turning right side out, I twisted and sewed across the center to hold.  When I attached them to the onesie, I wrapped some of the embroidery thread around the center a few times to look pretty then attached securely.

So, that's it!  I know I will make her more complicated stuff in the future, but for now at least she has her own handmade Christmas outfit to get in the spirit.  A plus? That clownish striped fabric will be great at hiding baby poop blowouts.

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