Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas/Christmas dresses!"

"Will smile for Candy"
Trying to get little sissy to smile...I don't think she's having it!

I have been so busy with Christmas and an impending move that I got my Christmas dresses sewn a little later than I would have liked this year.  I used an existing dress as a bodice pattern for my 3 year old daughter and 2 year old niece, then made a onesie dress for my 10 month old.  I used all Michael Miller fabrics (love!!!)  The only request the older girls had was that they be "twirly" so I made circle skirts to attach the the bodice!
Attempt one...
Attempt two...
...and an escapee for attempt three.
Hopefully you can see how I made each a little different.  LJ had the flower pattern bodice, green sash, and dotted skirt.  Lil had a green bodice with bows above the shoulder buttons, red ribbon sash, and floral pattern skirt.  Stella had the floral skirt and the green and polka dot double layered bow at the shoulder.  They each had fabric flower hairclips (headband for Stella).  I love making matching outfits that are each individual like these.  Plus, it keeps me from getting bored when making the same pieces a couple times.
Coming down the stairs to see what Santa brought!

Now, on to Christmas morning.  Did you all have a great Christmas?  LJ is 3 this year, so it was the first time she was really in to it.  She understood Santa, Elf on the Shelf, and was excited about what she asked for.  It actually was funny- she said she wanted Bullseye from Toy Story so her Jesse and Woody could ride him.  For two months that was all she talked about asking Santa for.  Then, when she sat on his lap she said she wanted a "Pink Skateboard with handles" (aka a scooter).  My husband looked at me in alarm, but when we got home I proudly showed him the pink scooter in the office.  I had snatched one up on a whim at the Kohl's black Friday sale.  I guess I know my girl better than I thought!
She wanted Mommy to wear her new Jesse hat, of course I secretly enjoyed wearing a red glittery hat!

 On Christmas morning, she made us proud by helping her baby sister with her gifts from Santa before ever touching her own.  I swear she is normally not a perfect child, but in that moment I was so happy to see that we are doing a good job raising a sweet and caring girl, even if she doesn't show it all the time!

As much as I love the presents and the outfits and the COOKIES- I really am thankful to have a loving family, a nice roof over my head, healthy children, and my faith in God.  In light of recent events, sharing this Christmas with my family felt even more like a gift.

Thanks to all of you who care to read what I have to say, I am thankful for you too!  I know I haven't offered up many tutorials for you lately, but I am hoping to change that now that Stella is a little older.  I am full of ideas for projects!

Until then, have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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