Wednesday, January 14, 2009

embroidered heirloom pillow

New project coming soon!
  • I took an old tintype photo of my husband's great great grandparents and scanned it into my computer.
  • Then I photoshopped away to my heart's content adding a couple of shabby-chic looking roses and making it look older (it was in surprisingly good condition!)
  • Then I printed it onto iron-on paper (you can buy it at the craft store)
  • I cut it our carefully and ironed onto a pillow cover that I made (you can use a pre-bought pillow as long as you can take out the pillowform).
  • Then I embroidered the roses to enhance them, around the edge of the photo (like a frame) and added embellishments such as pink and gold rose buttons.
  • Put the pillow into the pillow cover and voila- instant vintage decor with a very personal touch.
Variation- use any picture you find online- flowers, birds, etc.

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